Micro to Nano | UAL @ SPARK British Council

“Micro to Nano” is a spatial installation to highlight one of the latest urban phenomena in Hong Kong as one of the densest cities in the world – nano unit (<200 sq.ft), which goes beyond the compactness of a micro unit (<350 sq.ft).

This installation is an abstract simulation of the smallest nano unit currently available on the market which is around 160 sq.ft and incorporates a living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Constructed of a uniform 2”by2” three dimensional grid, the installation is a relentlessly calibrated representation of the smallest nano unit deprived of any décor which draws the audience attention to the actual liveable space in such a compact living environment subtracting the room occupied by all fixtures or daily objects.

Installation | Exhibition 

Designer: Alison Chan & Wesley Ho

Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

University of Arts London, British Council

January, 2019

Merit Award / DFA Design for Asia Awards 2019
Design Mark / Golden Pin Design Award 2019