City Re-stitched

An exhibition in which cinema intertwines with architecture.


CITY RE-STITCHED is a spatial cinematic experiment that plays with the viewing experience of movies. As a collaboration beyond boundaries, architecture and
film is overlayed with the element of time intersecting physical space. Framed in Hong Kong, the creative process started with the distillation of architectural elements found in the film to the fundamentals, followed by restitching the fragments of the cityscape. Seeing screens as doors to a space extension, the piece is composed with reflections, projections and the movement of audiences in the 24 sqm, in the format of 24 frames per second.

A sense of infinity is created in parts while ambiguity blurs part of the journey. An invite of discovery it is, in our city restitched.

Exhibition | Curation

Team: Alison Chan, Chris Tsui & Serena Tse

Hong Kong Architecture Center

Oil Street Art Space, Hong Kong

June - August, 2018

Photos by Derek Chien

FRAME: Structures and Films of Hong Kong  (2019)​

Film Collaborator: Andrew Lau 劉旭輝,

My first memories of Hong Kong was through cinema. As a Canadian-born Chinese to immigrant parents, Cantonese film was a path to experience Hong Kong culture. 

On weekends, my parents would take me to the only movie theatre in Toronto showing Cantonese films. This is where I first discovered the world of Hong Kong cinema. 

This city will always be associated with these memories. For me, Hong Kong is cinema. This project connects Hong Kong films with the structures and spaces in which they were filmed. In a sense, this is a personal exploration to bridge fictional memories of a city to their real-life counterparts. But ultimately, it’s just an excuse for a cinephile to use films as a backdrop to tour Hong Kong.

​List of Films 

Made in Hong Kong 香港製造 (1997) 

God of Cookery 食神 (1996) 

The Mission 鎗火 (1999) 

Breaking News 大事件 (2004) 

Infernal Affairs 無間道 (2002) 

Echoes of the Rainbow 歲月神偷 (2010) 

Chungking Express 重慶森林 (1994)

The Mighty Peking Man 猩猩王 (1977) 

Online Sources: 

 Mapping Hong Kong Filming locations

Gary Wong, Thomas Podvin

啱Channel (2019)​​

Film Collaborator: Lai Kung 黎工 x Xu Wai Hoi 徐海,

The series of contemporary Hong Kong through the moments of film explores the city as a place of intertwined density. The relationship of movie and architecture is organic, whether as an active backdrop or the catalyst. In a lot of channels; our encounters are stitched through passages derived from architectural forms.


好啊 你發電郵給我

那好 你寫個郵址給我


什麼?  「啱」Channel?



“A R M” 「啱」... CHANNEL


你耍我? (笑)

「啱」Channel 咯~


Tribute to 志明與春嬌 2010


Beyond Boundaries: “City Re-stitched 1”
Panel discussion: “City Re-stitched - Re-experiencing the Cityscape through HKMovies”

In extension to the exhibition “City Re-stitched,” we invite you to join our gathering and discussion panel “City Re-stitched - Re-experiencing the Cityscape through Hong Kong movies”. Over food and drinks, meet the architects and filmmakers behind the spatial cinematic experiment. As well as our guest speaker Gary Wong who will share his research on seeing the city through the lens of movie sets.